How do I get started? 

What is the pay rate?  They pay varies between clients but is usually between $9.00 to $16.00 an hour and often has incentives during peak seasons.

What equipment will I need?  You will need a computer that meets the technical requirements, or a Mac if servicing Apple, hard-wired internet (no WiFi allowed), home phone (some clients allow phones through your cable company or landline but no phones plugged directly into your computer), a USB headset for training, and a call center style phone with headset for your live calls.  Those can be purchased from sites like Amazon for a quite reasonable price.  For more information ask us about those.  PC requirements: CPU Speed Dual-core 2.8 GHz or better or Intel i class or AMD Phenom X2 class or better Atom, Celeron, Pentium and Opteron processors are not permitted Hard Drive 20 GB or more of available space 60 GB or more of total space Memory 4 GB of RAM or better 

Where do I need to live?  We contract with agents throughout the US but currently are unable to contract with agents who live in California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts,  New York, Oregon, or Wisconsin. 

What fees are involved?  There is a fee for the cost of the client certification course.  We also offer promotions at various times so check with us to see if we have a promotion running. There is also the IBO fee of $50 per pay period that INCLUDES the Arise platform usage fee an covers 24/7 support as well as other admin fees.

How many hours are we required or allowed to work?  Most clients do require that you work a minimum o f 15-20 hours a week during their hours or operation.  You are usually allowed to work more as long as they are available.

​Can we work for more than one client?  You can work for multiple clients and it is actually recommended to account for seasonal fluctuation in the call volume.

How long before I start to work?  You will be able to start earning revenue as soon as you have completed the client certification course which averages 2-6 weeks. The certification period is NOT paid but there are some clients who have a nested/blended periods usually the last week of certification where you can start to earn revenue.

Promotions, discounts or programs?  We often run promotions and we do offer discounts for military or veterans or their spouses.  Just ask us about those or check our Facebook page for current promotions.  Financial assistance may be available for qualified applicants residing in North Carolina.

​Any questions we missed please contact us here: