Natasha Tart - owner of NTT Business Solutions LLC

We are a virtual staffing agency and call center based in Greensboro, NC with agents located throughout the US.  We provide exceptional customer service to many Fortune 500 companies.  We also offer new IBO consulting services.  Please check back soon for updated packages and scheduling.  We offer various contracting and employment opportunities ranging from work from home independent contractors, to direct hire and brick and mortar employment.

Our goal is to continue to help others find employment whether it is from home or an outside of the home position. We hope to help more people experience and ‚Äčenjoy the flexibility and financial benefits that come with working home.  By working from home you save on transit time, save money on gas and usually meals having more money to spend doing the things that you love to do with your family.  Your have more time home so the balance between work and family is greatly improved.  You also have the flexibility to choose who you want to work with and when you want to work as an independent contractor with NTT Business Solutions LLC.